Express Yourself! From Selfie to Self-Expression at The Saatchi Gallery.

Better late than never, the Saatchi Gallery has finally joined in the embrace of the ‘selfie’ with its new display ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ that explores the self-portraiture genre from Van Gogh to * shivers * Kim Kardashian. This exhibit also opens itself up to images produce by the public with the gallery receiving over... Continue Reading →


The Model-Photographer Relationship

Relationships are a wonderful thing to have but require a fair bit of work on each persons side and this absolutely applies to a working relationship. Communication between model and photographer is vital to producing images that conveys what the photographer wants, but is beautifully executed by the input of the model. So here is my... Continue Reading →

Tips For A Shutterbug

Hello fellows! Whether you are a die-hard digital or a funky film photographer, a beginner or a pro, we all like to receive some advice sometimes. I have studied photography since GCSE and now I am about to graduate with a BA (hons) degree from Coventry University. It's safe to say I don't know everything... Continue Reading →

Continuing my MOOC journey

So it's the end of the academic year, everyone is making that final trip home or stepping glamorously onto the steps of a Ryanair plane. But that's not me just yet, because I am the type of person who walks into the university bookshelf or a Waterstones store and picks up five or six books... Continue Reading →

Advice for final Years

Hello! This post is primarily aimed at my friends who are/will be studying their final year in Photography at Coventry University, however some of this advice can apply to you if you're a student on any course. I wanted to create this post because final year is such an important year and any help I... Continue Reading →

Terrains of the Body Review.

Come on Whitechapel. I walked into your gallery with high hopes that this exhibition would reignite my passion for learning about the female artists and prove that, despite recent politics, all hope is not lost. But indeed all hope is not lost, as this is only the beginning for taking bigger steps and Whitechapel Gallery has... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Volunteer

Hello all! So i've had another fantastic year donating my time and photography skills to the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Great Birmingham Run, the fundraisers are so vibrant and the runners are so dedicated. I'd like to say, before I continue, a massive congratulations to everyone that ran for their chosen charities. From the... Continue Reading →

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