Terrains of the Body Review.

Come on Whitechapel. I walked into your gallery with high hopes that this exhibition would reignite my passion for learning about the female artists and prove that, despite recent politics, all hope is not lost. But indeed all hope is not lost, as this is only the beginning for taking bigger steps and Whitechapel Gallery has... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Volunteer

Hello all! So i've had another fantastic year donating my time and photography skills to the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Great Birmingham Run, the fundraisers are so vibrant and the runners are so dedicated. I'd like to say, before I continue, a massive congratulations to everyone that ran for their chosen charities. From the... Continue Reading →

SlippersGeek: Aestheticaaaaa

Hello! Once again you join me in a journey of glossy paper discovery as SlippersGeek explores the highlights of recent magazine publications.  Aesthetica: The Art & Culture Magazine is my lazy afternoon read now British weather has once more failed us and we find ourselves reaching for our cozy clothes which in my case is... Continue Reading →

SlippersGeek: Hello Frankie!

Hi guys, You may be wondering what this blog post is about and why it has such a silly name. Firstly, this blog post (and hopefully more to come) is about the time I take, as often as I can, to sit down in my slippers and read up on the wise words of others.... Continue Reading →

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